November 12, 2020

Shane Harluk

Shane Harluk’s songs rely heavily on a long-time love of country music. But the Calgary-based singer/songwriter has roots that extend into classic Canadian pop rock and well into modern Americana.  It’s his love of all music that propels him to write and record music that resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. 

Harluk has played at events and venues, ranging from the Country Thunder Festival, the Calgary Stampede and his own local concert series Country Night Live that he hosts, performs, and invites other local artists to showcase their talent at in support of local musicians.  Alongside his daughter Jennie Harluk, Country Night Live is an evening for all ages that packs the Calgary Petroleum Club full, and has steadily been growing a fan base in and around the city.  

“Songwriting and music are something that cross every boundary between people.  Whether they’re separated by age, religion, background or color, there’s a beat that just seems to move a person, and a song that reaches all of us no matter where we are coming from… It’s what every songwriter dreams of, that moment you move someone”

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